The wound is the place where the light enters you. - Rumi


Initial Consultation     

During a consultation we will use pulse diagnosis, questioning, observation and clinical examination to identify one's unique constitution of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and find the root cause of one's imbalances. We value your health goals and concerns and will support you on your journey to attaining them.  Clients walk away with personalized meal plans, lifestyle suggestions, contemplative practices, yogic techniques and herbal recommendations that are both specific and manageable to the individual’s goals and needs.  Cleanses and Ayurvedic therapies may also be recommended.  We will discuss how Ayurveda views your presenting concerns and support you on your healing path back to health, happiness and wellness. 

90 Min  $125

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Follow Up Consultation

During a follow up consultation we will track the client's progress and discuss any challenges met with the original protocol.  We will assess changes in the body and look at any new presenting goals or concerns.  Follow up consultations provide continued support for clients as they embark on their healing journey. 

60 Min  $75

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Abhyanga and Shirodhara

Abhyanga is a classical Ayurvedic massage where the whole body is anointed with warm oil infused with herbs. This rejuvenating therapy promotes vitality, strength, stamina and flexibility, and helps to improve intelligence, confidence and youthfulness.

During Shirodhara a steady flow of warm oil is poured over the forehead and third eye. Considered Ayurveda’s greatest therapy, Shirodhara instantly calms the mind and nervous system. This restorative therapy reduces stress and mental exhaustion, and is helpful in the management of headaches, migraines, cognition and memory.

Contact Mary to schedule an Abhyanga or Shirodhara. Combine both therapies for a truly blissful experience.

Abhyanga 60 min $100

Abhyanga 90 min $125

Abhyanga and Shirodhara 90 min $140

Shirodhara 30 min $75


Classical Ayurvedic Therapies



Karna Purna



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Ayurvedic Cleanses and Detoxification

Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit

Guided Cleanse Packages



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